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How To Link Words In English

Jan 09, 2020
Teaching non-native speakers to link words in English is one of the first things that I cover in my accent and pronunciation training programs.

Lots of accent instructors are unsure about how to teach this concept and I understand why.

The rules for how to link words in English can get pretty complicated because there is a lot to know, but I have found that the most effective way to teach this concept to my students is to keep it simple.

I break it down to just these 3 Rules of Connection
  1. Consonant to Consonant: When a word ends with a consonant sound and the next word begins with the same consonant sound, connect so much that the two consonants become one.
  2. Final Consonant to Initial Vowel: When a word ends with a consonant sound and the word after it begins with a vowel sound, connect and scoot the consonant over.
  3. Vowel to Vowel: Use a /W/ or /Y/ sound between the vowels to connect them.

In this video lesson, I’ll demonstrate exactly how I would introduce these 3 rules to a new student.


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