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Learn The American Accent

We will guide you through our step-by-step program to dramatically improve spoken English or teach you to speak with an American Accent.


This program is made up of three separate courses that focus on different components of the American accent.  Most students complete the core program in approximately 12-16 weeks.

In Section 1, you’ll learn to use the rhythm timing, and intonation of the American accent.  You'll also learn our super-effective secrets for connecting sounds, words, and phrases just like a native speaker.

Next, you'll move to Section 2 to troubleshoot specific sounds. In our program, you don't need to practice every single sound in English! We give you a lesson plan based on your native language or region.  You'll save time and energy by focusing only on the sounds that you need to speak with a neutral, fluent American accent.

Section 3 is all about common words. You'll use these lessons to practice the common words that you use every day in real conversations.  Plus, you will learn new vocabulary and idioms, continue to practice rhythm and intonation, and get practical tips to incorporate what you have learned in your daily conversations and real-life speaking situations.  We love to multi-task to make the most of your practice time!

A Personalized Approach

Troubleshoot your specific speech and pronunciation challenges, based on your native language or region.  You'll learn exactly what to practice and ways to use the American accent in real conversations.  

Get A Lesson Plan

Our sound-by-sound lesson plan based on your native language give you real results, quickly. Learn everything you need to know about American pronunciation, rhythm, timing, and intonation for fluent speech.

Get Support

Ask questions in the comments section of each lesson or get help our private Facebook group: A supportive community where you can ask questions and post your audio or video to get feedback on your speech.

10 Minutes A Day

It doesn't happen overnight, but with practice, the American accent will become your accent.  The American rhythm, intonation, & pronunciation will happen automatically any time you are speaking.  All it takes is a little practice every day.

Multifaceted Training

Our lessons will train your ear to identify American sounds, train your mouth to use these sounds in words and phrases, and then train your brain to make your new accent a habit.  After a few months, you won't even have to think about it.

Lasting Improvement

Even if you stop practicing, you won't lose what you've gained.  Because you've trained a new habit AND because you've learned the "why's" of the American accent, the improvements you make will be permanent.

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Is This Program Right For Me?

If You:

  • Want to feel more confident about speaking in front of other people or starting conversations
  • Work for an American company and have trouble expressing your ideas to your colleagues or clients
  • Hate the sound of your voice in a recording or video
  • Are tired of being asked about your accent or where you are from originally
  • Speak English at an advanced level, but have failed the speaking portion of placement tests
  • Know that your communication skills are keeping you from a better job or a promotion
  • Really love the American accent and want to use it in your real-life conversations
  • Really hate the American accent but don't like having to repeat yourself to native speakers
  • Get that "I don't understand what you just said but I am too polite to ask you to repeat yourself again so I am just going to keep nodding my head and smiling" expression on other peoples faces all too often
  • Are looking for a step-by-step approach to learning an accent
  • Have tried other program but didn't hear progress or the progress was too slow
  • Want some personal support from a speech pro so that you are sure that you are doing everything the right way

Then....Yes!  Join Us!

  • Feel like the American accent is YOUR accent.  Our techniques make speaking with a new accent comfortable and automatic.
  • Be able to say exactly what you mean.  No more avoiding certain words because they are difficult for you to pronounce.
  • Get what you want without having to repeat yourself over and over.
  • Perform better on the speaking portion of important tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC.
  • Train your ear to better understand native English speakers.
  • Cut down on all that confusion that usually happens when you are trying to talk to people.
  • Hear a real difference in the way you sound.

Here's What You Get

  • Instant access to the entire program
  • A lesson plan for the program based on your native language or region
  • 3 Separate Courses:
    • First you will complete a 4-module course that covers the Rhythm, Timing, and Intonation of the American accent
    • Next, you will use your lesson plan to work through your personal pronunciation challenges.  You'll focus only on the sounds that you need for a fluent, natural-sounding American accent
    • Throughout the program, you'll have access to a  large library of lessons that practice the most common words in English with new topics added regularly
  • Downloadable audio lessons. You can download to your phone or computer and practice anywhere.
  • Access to our private Facebook group: A supportive community where you can ask questions and post your audio or video to get feedback on your speech.
  • Monthly Access With No Commitment.  Cancel your membership at any time.  You can cancel your membership yourself inside your student dashboard.
  • Over 350 lessons.  New lessons added every month.

The lessons are all available for review at any time so you can work at your own pace. 

If you have 10 minutes a day to commit to practice, you can do this. 


Get the tools, the plan, and the guidance you need to sound confident, speak clearly, and be easily understood in any situation.

All lessons available any time, any day, anywhere in the world.  

Convenient, automatic monthly payments with no commitment.  Cancel your membership at any time.  You can cancel your membership yourself from your student dashboard.  No explanations required!

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee.  If you don't love the program, let us know within 30 days of joining and we will provide a full refund.


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