We start with a Speech Evaluation. 

You talk.  I listen.  Then I tell you exactly where you can improve and what you should do to improve your speech.  Watch the video to get an idea of what happens during a Speech Evaluation.


Schedule a Live Private Session

Set up a 30-minute or 60-minute private speech training session. Live, online sessions allow you to connect with us from anywhere in the world.

Private sessions will pinpoint your individual speech challenges so that you can improve as quickly as possible.  You'll learn correct pronunciation, rhythm and intonation of English, and quick improvement tips.  Then, you'll practice as your instructor coaches and corrects you in real conversations so you can apply what you have learned and make it permanent.

Schedule Appointment

Target Your Accent

Have a personalized lesson plan created just for you.  Focus on the sounds and concepts that are giving you an accent.  

Real-Time Corrections

Immediate feedback will train your ear to hear mistakes, your mouth to produce the sounds correctly , and your brain to change your habits.

Stay Motivated

Private sessions will keep you on track.  Get immediate answers to your questions and suggestions for how to improve.


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