The Accent Channel

  • We Have a Plan.

    So many people hate the sound of their voice or are terrified to speak in front of other people.  Some people are tired of being asked about their accent or where they are from originally.  Others know they could get a better job or be promoted if they felt more confident about speaking.  

  • What most people don't realize is that the way you speak is easily improved.  One of the biggest reasons people struggle with speech or pronunciation improvement is that they don't know exactly what they are doing wrong or what to practice.  They try watching videos or imitating other speakers but they don't have a real plan

  • Our method has been developed through 17+ years of research and hands-on experience and has helped thousands of students improve the way they speak. Your speech will be easy to understand and your voice will sound strong and confident, without losing your unique personality.  You'll still sound like a real that is a great speaker!
  • We Are Here to Help You. 
    You'll get the answers you need when you need them.  Really!
  • Your success is our number one priority, so we’re here to help you improve.  You can work with the lessons on your schedule, in the privacy of your home, office, (or anywhere in the world really) but if you need help, we are only a mouse click away! 
  • In the Assessment Center, you'll get answers and feedback from a Speech-Pathologist with years of speech, pronunciation and voice improvement experience, and you can get feedback as often as you need it.  You are not alone in this.  We are here to help.
  • We Will Make It Permanent. 
    This program will troubleshoot your pronunciation mistakes and teach you techniques that result in permanent speech improvement.
  • You won’t need to repeat yourself over and over to be understood.  You won’t be stereotyped by the way you speak.  People will listen to your ideas, without any other distractions. 

    It can happen in just a few months.  See what is possible when you improve your speech.


Get Started Today:
  • Start today and hear the improvement with the very first lesson.  Be easily understood and forget about having to repeat yourself when you speak.
  • Gain confidence and the ability to say exactly what you mean.  You won't need to avoid certain words because you know they are difficult for you to pronounce.
  • Strong communication skills result in career advancement (ask anyone in HR!) and let you communicate more effectively.  Develop stronger social connections and enjoy conversations with others.
  • Improve vocal quality (the sound of your voice) and develop a natural, fluent rhythm when speaking English.  You will have the tools to know you sound great, in any speaking situation.