28-Day Speech Fix for Native Chinese Speakers

Can you really improve the way you sound in only 28 days?

Yes, you can!  Because this course is specifically designed for Native Chinese speakers who want to improve their spoken English, you won't be wasting any time on things that you don’t need to fix. 

Every sound and every concept that you will learn and practice in this intensive course, is something that will improve the spoken English of a Native Chinese Speaker.

It’s so effective because it is so specific, focusing on the exact speech and pronunciation challenges of a native speaker of Chinese.

In this course, we will:

  • Improve your pronunciation so that your speech is clear and easy to understand
  • Improve the sound and tone of your voice so you sound more confident and articulate when you speak
  • Increase vocabulary by adding new idioms and more sophisticated vocabulary to your spoken English
  • Improve your speaking skills to prepare for important tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC

Here’s how it works:

This course contains 28 daily lessons, specifically designed to improve the speech, voice, vocabulary and pronunciation of Native Chinese Speakers who speak English as a second (or third or fourth or more!) language.

Each day you will focus on one specific speech challenge. The lessons are all about 10-15 mins long. Watch the lesson, do the practice exercises and hear the improvement.  It’s that simple!

After completing the 28 lessons:

  • Your speech will be easier to understand
  • You’ll have stronger public speaking skills
  • You'll have a more powerful, more confident sounding voice
  • You'll speak with a natural, fluent rhythm
  • You'll gain an improved, more impressive vocabulary
  • You'll have trained your ear to better understand native English speakers
  • You'll be able to express your ideas more easily

You’re still going to sound like you, just more articulate and easier to understand!

We are NOT going to change your personality.  We are NOT going to erase your culture or your heritage.  We are NOT going to make you sound like a robot. We are going to help you speak in a way that does not interfere with your career goals, your everyday conversations, or your social interactions.

You will be able to say what you mean and get what you want.

If you have 15 minutes a day to commit to practice, we will help you sound better than you ever thought possible, in just 28 days.  Let your speech be your greatest asset and give you a competitive edge in all areas of your life.  


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