If you have been thinking about providing Accent Reduction, Accent Modification, Accent Training, or English Pronunciation training, this course will give the knowledge and the confidence to get started.

After completing the course, you will be fully prepared to do an accent assessment, design lesson plans, and create personalized, effective Accent Training programs that will keep your students engaged, excited, and hearing noticeable results.

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Here's What Is Covered In This 2-Hour Course:

Module 1:
Lesson 1: Important Terminology
  • What Is An Accent?
  • How Do You Change An Accent? Is It Possible?
  • Current Accent Vs. Goal Accent
  • What Is The Standard American Accent?
  • Accent Reduction, Accent Modification, Accent Training, Learning The American Accent: What’s The Difference? (and how to decide what is best for marketing your services)
Lesson 2: How To Do An Assessment
  • 3 Purposes of An Accent Assessment
  • Formal Vs. Conversational Assessment: Which Is Best?
  • Assessment Tools and Materials: What Do You Really Need?
  • How To Do An Accent Assessment: My Process Step-By-Step (Materials and Forms Included)
  • The 5 Steps of an Accent Assessment
  • The Questions to Ask During an Accent Assessment and Why You Should Ask Them
  • How To Sound Like a Expert (even when you are just starting out) and How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes that Most New Teachers Make
  • Exactly What To Say When Presenting Goals To Your Student
  • What To Do If You Don’t Hear Any Sounds/Concepts To Present As Goals
Lesson 3: Case Study
  • Listen To A Real Assessment And Hear Exactly How I Present Goals To A Student
Module 2:
Lesson 1: Using Assessment Findings To Design A Lesson Plan
  • Designing Your Lesson Plan
  • How To Decide Which Goal To Work On First
  • The Most Effective Order for Your Goals
  • My General Lesson Plan For a Non-Native Speaker of English
  • The 4 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer To Teach
  • Sample Lesson Plans Based on Common Native Languages 
Lesson 2: Tips For Implementing Your Training Programs
  • General Tips For An Effective Program
  • How To Get Permanent Improvement For Your Students
  • The 6 Essential Components You Must Include In Any Accent Training Program

Module 3:

Lesson 1: Course Wrap Up
  • Next Steps to Start Your Program
  • What You Need (And Don’t Need) To Start Teaching


Plus you'll get:

  • Detailed scripts to use with your students so you'll know exactly what to say (even when you are nervous)
  • Our Accent Assessment Toolkit with all the forms you'll need
  • Sample Lesson Plans to get you started with real students
You don't need any secret talent or special gift to teach accents! You just need a clear, organized method to evaluate your students, a structured step-by-step lesson plan, and some guidance on how to teach, cue, and correct your students. 

Limited Time Bonus

When You Sign Up During The Limited Time Enrollment Period You'll Also Get

6 Months Free Access To The Accent Channel Teachers Lounge.

(a $240 Value)

In The Teachers Lounge You'll Get:

  • Detailed tutorials on how to pronounce and teach the sounds of the Standard American Accent
  • My personal lessons and exercises for explaining and teaching the rhythm of English
  • Practice materials to use with your students:  Worksheets, audio files, sound guides...yes, we've got you covered and you can download everything you need
  • Direct access to Jessica for any questions that you have.  I'm here to help you start teaching so you can ask me anything.

After completing the course you will..

  • Be able to evaluate any student and structure goals into an effective, personalized Accent Training program 
  • Know how to use your Accent Assessment as a marketing tool to attract new students
  • Know how to structure your training programs to get results and keep your students coming back for more 
  • Understand the 10-12 sounds/concepts that you will use with almost every student who wants to learn the American Accent
  • Have some basic accent reduction, accent modification, and accent training techniques that you can use in your programs to keep your students motivated and constantly improving
  • Know exactly what to say to sound like a speech pro, even if you are just starting out
  • Have the skills to design a 10-12 week Accent Reduction, Accent Modification, or American Accent Training Program for any non-native English speaker
  • Gain the confidence you need to start working with real students 
  • Be ready to get your training programs up and running ASAP. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, definitely not! This is an introductory level course. If you have taken a few speech, phonetics, or pronunciation classes, you will be fine. If you have ever worked with an articulation client, you are more than ready. This is a beginner level course designed for brand-new accent trainers or anyone with an interest in teaching accents who hasn’t worked with a real student yet.

You don’t need to be a native speaker but you should speak English at an advanced level and you should have some knowledge of the pronunciation of the sounds of American English.

No. You can receive a Certificate of Completion after we have verified that you have completed the coursework. You can then contact your licensing board to see if the hours qualify as professional development hours. PLEASE NOTE: We make no guarantee or claim that this coursework will qualify. Each licensing board or association has different requirements as to what qualifies. All we can do is verify your hours and confirm that you have completed the course.

You have lifetime access to the core training “How To Do An Accent Assessment” and you will also have access to any updates to the core training. **Course does not include lifetime access to the Teachers Lounge.

SLP’s, ESL teachers, actors, or anyone who has an interest in American English pronunciation, has had a few speech or pronunciation classes, and is considering starting a career or small business focused on accent training.

This course was designed for those who are brand new to teaching accents. If you have never worked with a student or if you have only worked with a few students this course is for you. This course would also be helpful if you are currently working with accent students, but they are not rescheduling or doing multiple sessions with you. This course will give you a fresh view on how to structure your programs to keep your students coming back for more.

The bonus to this course includes 6 months free access to the Teachers Lounge which is my library of lessons and materials that I use with my students.  

There, you can learn how to pronounce and teach every sound and concept that you need. I’ll also be available to you for any questions that you have for as long as you are a member of The Teachers Lounge.  For this enrollment period, that is 6 months.  So you are going to have a lot of support and resources to help you get started.

First of all, there is no “certification “ for accent training. Anyone can do it.

This is an introductory level course that focuses on the assessment process, goal selection and lesson plan design. The course doesn’t go deep into teaching methods, practice activities, or cueing techniques, although we do touch on that a little.  This course will give you a foundation for using a proven method of training that delivers lasting results for your students.

If you are unsure if you are a good fit, email me at [email protected] or message me on Facebook or IG at The Accent Channel with your questions or concerns.

For all of my courses and programs that are shorter than two weeks in duration, all payments are final. So all payments for this course, “How To Do An Accent Assessment” are final.

No refunds will be given.

But I want you to be 100% satisfied!

I’ve taught this content to many accent trainers and I use this exact method myself, so I know, first hand, how effective it is.

I want you to see for yourself and I want you to be thrilled with this course, so let’s discuss any concerns that you have prior to purchase.

Send me an email or message The Accent Channel on IG or Facebook and ask your questions or if you prefer, we can set up a time to speak and discuss before you buy, so that you are crystal clear on what will be covered and how the course is set up.

I am happy to take the time to make sure that you are a good fit for the course before you enroll.

Let me show you how easy it is to get started.


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