Accents For Actors

If you are an actor, you have no choice.  You need to sound perfect. We have the plan and skills to give you a flawless accent without sounding fake or affecting your performance.


The American Accent

Because of the pressure to sound perfect, we recommend that actors schedule private sessions.  We can help you perfect your American Accent in approximately 10-12 sessions + practice on your own using our online program. 


After your first session, we give you 1 month of free access to our online American Accent training program.  We will tell you which lessons you should use to practice on your own. Click here to more about the online program.

It's Easy With a Script

Attaining a perfect accent is much easier when you have a script to work with.  We can help you perfect your accent for a short monologue or approximately 5 pages of sides during one 50-minute private session.

Other Accents and Dialects

If there is an accent you need, let us know.  We have experience with all of the major accents and dialects of English (and some of the not so major ones!)  Contact us for details regarding a specific accent or dialect.


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