Your speech is one of the first things that people notice about you.   It should show off your talents, showcase your skills, and make a positive impact.   
If you know that the way you speak is keeping you from getting what you want, we can help you fix it.  Make your speech your strongest asset.
  • Do you have to repeat yourself to be understood?
  • Do you have to spell your name for the listener to get it right?
  • Does it take several attempts to give someone your email address or other information?
  • Does the way you speak make you feel anxious or self-conscious?
  • Do you hate to hear your voice in a video or audio recording?
  • Do you avoid conversations in noisy environments because of your accent?
  • Has your boss or supervisor at work asked you to “improve your communication skills?”
  • Are you afraid of speaking in public or giving presentations at work?
  • Do you avoid specific words because you don’t know how to pronounce them? 
Did you know that you CAN improve the way you sound? You just need to know exactly what to practice and exactly how to practice

Jessica Kijowski Elson, MS, CCC-SLP is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has perfected the speech of award winning actors, models, voice over artists, corporate executives, lawyers, teachers, diplomats and professional voice users from all over the world. Her user-friendly method of speech improvement has been proven to deliver immediate change and lasting results.

After earning a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2000 and completing an internship focused the vocal rehabilitation of actors and singers, Jessica began her career as an Accent and Dialect Specialist at New York Speech Improvement Services and The Sam Chwat Speech Center in New York City. She worked with thousands of students during her 11 years at the center before opening her own private practice in New York City. Jessica has also been an Adjunct Professor of Voice and Diction at New York University.

Jessica develops and teaches online American Accent Pronunciation courses through The Accent Channel.  Her dialect work with actors can be seen in feature and independent films, in commercials, on television, and on the stage.

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