Students are looking for teachers just like you to help them improve pronunciation and spoken English

Are you ready to help them?

Get ready to confidently work with your own students.  Gain the skills and get the materials you need to stop working for someone else and build your own business.

If you are a Speech Pathologist, ESL Teacher, actor who loves dialects, or other language professional with an interest in accents and dialects...

then you probably already know that offering accent training, accent modification, or English pronunciation training is a great way to build or grow your own business with very little financial investment.

And you have probably also heard that the need for accent and pronunciation training services continues to grow. Non-native speakers are tired of dealing with the frustration of not being understood, constantly having to repeat themselves, and the unfair negative attitudes and judgments toward speakers with accents. 

Now, more than ever, online learning and coaching is the way to go with speech and pronunciation training. Once you know how to work with students in this specialized area, you can offer online courses, membership programs, group coaching, webinars and online workshops… The possibilities to grow your business are endless!


4 Things You Need To Know About Teaching Accents and Pronunciation


You don't need to know everything about accents and dialects to start working with real students.

Definitely not.  I teach the same 11 sounds/concepts to 80% of my students. You can help almost any non-native English speaker improve if you know how to teach these 11 concepts.  


You don't need to be certified in a particular method.

No single method will give you all the knowledge, training, and information to be a successful accent instructor. To get started, you need to know how do an effective accent assessment, how to design a lesson plan, how to implement a training program, and how to identify your students’ specific speech and pronunciation challenges. From there, you will get better with experience and will use different aspects of different methods.  There is no one, single, perfect method or one perfect system for teaching accents.


Students are actively searching for instructors just like you.

I hear from dozens of people every week, who are looking for a teacher and are ready for someone to help them improve their spoken English.  So many students are ready to overcome the communication challenges that negatively affect their professional and educational advancement, self-esteem, social interactions, and everyday activities and they are searching for accent instructors to help them do it.  


You are more qualified than you think.

As long as you speak English at an advanced level (you DON'T need to be a native speaker), you are so much more qualified than you think!  You can learn exactly what to say, exactly what to do, and exactly what to teach to look like a pro at your first sessions! And after you get some experience during those first few sessions, you are well on your way to a long, successful career.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret

You do not need to know EVERYTHING about accents and dialects to work with real students. 

Feeling unqualified, overwhelmed, and unsure about where to begin, stops most people before they ever get started.

But if you have the RIGHT knowledge and a plan to find your students, you’ll have your business up and running and will be growing your clientele in no time!

And with your permission, I’d love to show you exactly how to do it.


The Only Online Program With A Complete Plan To Find and Enroll Your Perfect Students AND Start Offering Accent And Pronunciation Training ASAP.

I’ve taken proven strategies that I have learned from my 20+ years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist working with thousands of students from all over the world and developed this online course to help you avoid common mistakes and feel confident about working with students.

I built my own  business from the ground up and I've learned a lot along the way.  I have so much knowledge to share with you!   I’ll tell you exactly what to do and what to say to look like a pro, even if you have absolutely no experience.

Getting Started As An Accent Instructor is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1.  Puts your business on the fast track by narrowing down the knowledge to what you really need to know to start teaching.  The goal is to start working with students and to start your business ASAP. I won’t waste your time teaching concepts that you will never (or rarely) use. Instead, you’ll focus on mastering your teaching technique of the most common sounds/concepts that you will use with almost every accent training student you see.

2.  Focuses on finding students.  This program teaches you practical strategies that you can use to find your perfect students and enroll them in your training programs.

3.  Is designed to help you feel confident about working with real students. I’ll show you exactly what you need (and what you don’t need) to do an Accent Assessment, design a lesson plan, structure a session, and create training programs that will get results and turn your potential students into loyal long-term customers.

4. Gives you the support that you need to start teaching.  You don't need to do this alone!  I have 20 years of answers and I can't wait to share them with you.  You can ask questions using the chat feature at the bottom of each lesson page.  You'll also be invited to 10 of our Monthly Live Q and A sessions to get the answers, feedback, and support you need to start teaching ASAP.

So if you’re ready to finally start your accent training business and start working with real students

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Module 1

You Can Do This

In this module, you will learn the basics of Accent Training. You’ll learn important terminology and exactly what you need to know about the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and transcribing sounds for your students. You’ll also learn the 11 sounds/concepts that you will teach to 80% of your students and get my general Lesson Plan to use with any non-native English speaker.  

After completing this module, you’ll be confident that you ARE ready to work with real students.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to change an accent and what results you can expect for your students
  • Learn about the Standard American Accent and why it is the goal for most accent training students
  • Learn the 11 sounds/concepts that you will use with most of your students and see exactly how I teach them to my own students
  • Get a copy of the exact lesson plan that I use with almost every non-native speaker who wants to improve spoken English
Module 2

How To Do An Accent Assessment

Now that you know the basic terminology, you are ready to learn how to do an Accent Assessment to attract and enroll new students. I’ll tell you exactly what to do and what to say to turn a potential student into a paying student. You’ll also learn to use the findings from the Accent Assessment to create a lesson plan and design effective, personalized training programs for each of your students.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn to use the Accent Assessment as a marketing tool to attract new students
  • Get a step-by-step walk through of the 5 Parts of An Accent Assessment
  • Get my Accent Assessment Toolkit with intake forms and scripts to confidently guide you through your first Accent Assessments so you sound like you have been doing it for years!
  • Listen to an example case student as I present goals to one of my potential students
  • Learn how to design a lesson plan and create accent training programs that will get fast, permanent results for your students
Module 3

Finding Students and Building Your Business

Now that you know how to do an Accent Assessment and how to create an accent training program, you need some students!!! In this module, I’ll walk you through proven strategies to find new students, get referrals from current students, and grow your clientele.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn strategies to establish yourself as a go-to speech expert for your students and build an audience of raving fans who are eager and excited to work with you
  • Implement a marketing plan to effortlessly sell your services without feeling pushy, sales-y, or sleazy
  • Get recommendations and resources for all the tech tools, materials, and software that you need to get your accent training business up and running ASAP
Access all modules, lessons, and bonus courses any time 24/7 on your computer or on your smartphone using our app.

How It Works

All the lessons are available online so you can start immediately and work at your own pace. You get lifetime access to the course so there is no rush to complete the lessons.

You will also be included in any updates that we make to the core program.

For questions and support, there is a chat feature on each lesson page.  I check in and answer these questions every business day.  You will also be invited to the next 10 Monthly Live Q and A Webinars.  Dates for the Live Sessions are TBD but I host one every month.

Here’s what you'll get when you enroll today:

Getting Started As An Accent Instructor:  Online Course - $397.00 Value

You'll get lifetime access and be a part of any updates that we make to the main course content for the lifetime of the course.  If we ever decide to take the course offline, you be given 6 months notice and have the opportunity to download all lessons and materials.

When you enroll today you'll also get these BONUS COURSES:

  • BONUS COURSE:  The 11 Sounds/Concepts Your Need To Know To Teach:  This course includes video tutorials that show you exactly how to teach the most common sounds that you will work on with 80% of your accent training students.  It also includes done-for-you practice worksheets and audio files to download and share with your students) 
  • 3 Live Q and A Webinars With Jessica: Get The Answers And Support You Need To Get Started: Dates TBA, Replays will be available inside the course and all students may submit questions whether they attend live or not 
  • The 6 Components You Must Include In Your Accent Training Programs:  Learn what areas of study and practice to include in each of your sessions 
  • Lesson Plans for native speakers of Arabic, Chinese, and languages of India with the goal of learning the American Accent





Includes core online program and all bonuses.







Includes core online program and all bonuses.



Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining Getting Started As An Accent Instructor

No, definitely not! This is an introductory level course. If you have taken even one speech, phonetics, or pronunciation class, you are already ahead of the game. If you have ever worked with an articulation client, you are more than ready.

SLP’s, ESL teachers, actors, or other language experts with an interest in American English pronunciation who are considering starting a career or small business focused on accent training would all be a perfect fit for this course.

This course was designed for those who are brand new to teaching accents. If you have never worked with a student or if you have only worked with a few students this course is for you. This course would also be helpful if you are currently working with accent students, but they are not rescheduling or doing multiple sessions with you. This course will give you a fresh view on how to structure your programs to keep your students coming back for more.

You don’t need to be a native speaker but you do need to speak English at an advanced level.

YES! And I wish that there had been a course like this when I was starting my own accent training business! I made a ton of mistakes and had very little knowledge of business or marketing so I had to learn by trial and error. This course will help you avoid all the mistakes that most accent instructors make when starting out and will fast track you to grow your clientele and your business.

In my practice, I teach the same 11 sounds/concepts to 80% of my students who are non- native speakers REGARDLESS of their native language. In the course, I’ll show you exactly how to pronounce and teach these 11 sounds/concepts to your students, so you will be prepared to work with almost any non-native speaker of English who wants to learn an American Accent.

First of all, there is no “certification “ for accent training. Anyone can do it. Some of us just do it a lot better than others;)

Most other training courses that offer certification focus more on theory and give you a lot of information that you will never use as an accent instructor. This course focuses on teaching you the most important concepts and practical information so that you can start working with real students and getting real experience.

My goal is for you to get your accent training business up and running as quickly as possible, while still giving you the RIGHT information to provide effective accent training services.

At this time, we do not offer any association approved CEU’s, however, you can request a Certificate of Completion after we have verified that you have completed the coursework.

You can then contact your licensing board to see if the hours qualify as professional development hours. PLEASE NOTE: We make no guarantee or claim that this coursework will qualify. Each licensing board or association has different requirements as to what qualifies. All we can do is verify your hours, confirm that you have completed the course, and provide a certificate of completion with the course hours verified.

You do not need to be a native speaker but you definitely do need to speak English at an advanced level.

You will get immediate access to all lessons in the core program, Getting Started As An Accent Instructor and immediate access to the bonus The 11 Sounds/Concepts That You Need To Know.

The Live Q and A dates are TBA, but we offer at least one live session each month. The replay of the live Q and A’s will be uploaded to the course, so you will still be able to watch, even if you can’t attend live.

The bonuses, The 6 Components You Must Include In Your Training Programs and Lesson Plans for Native Speakers of Arabic, Chinese, and Languages of India will be released on 8 days after you enroll in the program.

The strategies and techniques in this course have helped others start their own accent training businesses and have allowed me to grow my own thriving business over the past 7 years.  I am 100% that they will work for you too.

If you complete the course and don’t feel confident and motivated to start teaching, simply reach out to me (Jessica) at [email protected] within 7 Days of purchasing the course.

We will verify that you have completed all the lessons and ask you to complete a short exit survey. Upon receipt of the exit survey, we will provide a full refund. 




Includes core online program and all bonuses.






Includes core online program and all bonuses.



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