Teach Accents/Accent Reduction/Accent Modification

Did you know they are actually all the same thing?  Just different names for the same process, but whatever you call it, it's an awesome career.

But about 20 years ago, when I really started to hear about accent training as a career, I had no idea how to start doing it. 

I've always been interested in  languages, accents, dialects, and pronunciation and I had some singing training, but I wasn’t really sure if I was qualified to teach all this to someone else.

I looked for some kind of training or workshop but at that time, there wasn’t really anything available.  I felt like there was some kind of secret society of only a chosen few gifted accent specialists with all the experience and knowledge, and sadly, I wasn’t one of them.

After some searching, I was lucky enough to find a private practice of Speech Pathologists who specialized in Accent Reduction, Accent Modification, and Dialect Acquisition…and they hired me!  It was there that I got some real, hands-on experience and started to develop my own accent training method which I have refined over the years through my experience with thousands of students. 

Oh, and it turns out that there is no secret talent or special gift that you need to be an accent trainer or accent specialist.

Quite honestly, teaching accents is pretty simple. You just need a clear, organized method to evaluate your students, a structured step-by-step lesson plan, and some practice on how to teach, cue, and correct your students.  These are all things that you can learn to do.

If you'd like to learn how to teach accents and dialects, I'd love to show you how easy it is.

Think you would make a great Accent or Dialect Specialist but not sure how to get started?

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