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Start improving RIGHT NOW by practicing your pronunciation of the Most Common Nouns In English.

This mini-training session will help you

  • Be easily understood
  • Feel more confident about American pronunciation
  • Connect with your listener and eliminate miscommunications 

Research shows that...

Research shows that 90% of spoken English contains just 1000 words!  If you focus your practice on the most common words in English you will hear fast results.

That's exactly what will happen with this free lesson where we will practice the most common nouns in English.

I'm Jessica... 

I'm an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in teaching accents, dialects, and pronunciation. 

Over the past 20+ years, I've worked with award-winning actors, models, voice-over artists, corporate executives, lawyers, teachers, diplomats and professional voice users from all over the world.

My lessons, sessions, and online courses help my students feel confident about their speech and pronunciation. When you're ready...I'd love to help you too.