Our unique method uses research-based principles of motor learning and a specialized sequence of goals, lessons, materials, and activities designed specifically for you, to produce permanent speech improvement in the shortest amount of time.

You’ll train your ear to recognize your own mistakes, and train your mouth to use the sounds, pronunciations, rhythm, intonation, and other features of American English.  Then, you’ll train your brain to automatically use the new speech patterns in real conversations, so you can sound great in any speaking situation.

It’s a proven method that has worked for thousands of students, but it’s not magic.  Although you will hear some immediate changes after the very first session, permanently changing your speech habits requires consistent practice and it’s up to you to do the work between sessions. 

You’ll need to practice, just a little every day. 5 minutes is great, 10 minutes is wonderful, and 15 minutes is amazing!  But if you put in the time, you’ll hear the improvement, and it will be permanent.