Be easily understood, sound more confident, and be a better speaker in just 4 weeks.

This online course is specifically designed for non-native speakers who want to improve spoken English and learn to use more American pronunciations in conversational speech.




You'll be able to say what you mean and get what you want. 

No feeling self-conscious when you speak or avoiding words because you are afraid of pronouncing them the wrong way.

In the course, you'll get the learning, practice, and training that you need to improve your spoken English in real-life conversations. 

You'll finally feel confident, be easily understood by others, and be able to express your ideas more clearly when you speak English. 

What you'll get...

  • Immediate access to all lessons and practice materials so you can start right away!
  • 4 weeks of a detailed instruction and practice plan for pronunciation improvement
  • Video tutorials explaining each goal so you know exactly how to pronounce with a General American Accent
  • Practice videos for each goal with even more pronunciation tips
  • Downloadable audio files for each goal to get the repetition practice you need to make the new pronunciation goals permanent
  • Downloadable PDF practice sheets for each goal to use for practice any time
  • Video tutorials explaining exactly how to practice for permanent improvement so you can change your current speech habits and make these goals an automatic part of your real-life conversations
  • Lifetime access so you can practice as often as you like (and I want you to practice!) to maintain your improvement
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