Accent Training Entrepreneurship: High Earning Potential with Low Startup Costs

Feb 05, 2024

I often talk about the lucrative potential of accent training as a small business or side gig.  In fact, I think it's an ideal opportunity for teachers looking to boost their income.

The work is virtually stress-free with little paperwork, no IEPs, no dealing with insurance, minimal planning, no report writing, and you can do it on a full-time or part-time basis.

Accent training offers flexibility and high hourly session rates, typically ranging between $75 to $200+, depending on your level of experience. Plus, with the ability to add clients on evenings or weekends, you can significantly increase your earnings without compromising your current job or personal life.

Not to mention, accent training boasts low startup costs—you really don’t need much more than a computer to get started.

Curious about the financial investment?

I'll break it down for you with a list of monthly expenses based on my own experience. From online platforms to marketing tools, I'll provide insight into what to expect when launching your own online accent training business.

There are various options available for each service, I’m just sharing the services that I use and what has worked for me.

Note: all pricing is current as of February 2024

Must Haves (in my opinion):

  • Zoom Pro:  $17.11/month
  • Calendly (scheduling software): $12. 84/Month
  • Email Service Provider:  ConvertKit $9/month once your email list grows to a certain number but it’s free to use at first.
  • Xero (accounting software):  $42.00/Month
  • Yearly Tax Preparation by an Accountant:  Fees will vary based on provider and location, but you do not need to find a specialized accountant just for your business.  The same person that prepares your personal taxes will be able to handle your business needs as well.

Nice to Haves (optional but useful):  

  • Google Suite (for branded email address):  $12.00/month
  • Jasper AI (if you’re new to AI software) $63.13/per month or ChatGPT (if you have experience with AI software) $20/month:  If you’re unsure, start with Jasper AI, use it for a few months to learn how to prompt AI, then switch to the cheaper ChatGPT.  You’ll know what I mean when you try the 2 options.  Both have free limited versions, so you can check them out and see which you prefer.  
  • Facebook Ads:  Of course, this will vary, but I spend about $150.00/month
  • Website domain: Varies based on name and provider.  I pay approximately $120/year
  • Website hosting: Varies with provider. Mine is included with Kajabi but I used to pay approx. $35/year with Bluehost
  • Canva Pro:  $119/year
  • Dropbox:  $120/yea

Don’t Need at First (but should consider for the future):

  • Kajabi:  ONLY if you want to offer online courses.  I have the Growth Plan, but you’d be fine to start with the basic plan:  $119 per month or $1428 per year (20% discount)
  • Camtasia or Kapwing:  or other good video editing software will make content creation faster and easier:  Pricing varies
  • Virtual Assistant:  Just having someone help you out a few hours a week can be a game changer:  Pricing varies

Is there anything that you use in your business that you would add to this list?  Send me an email and let me know: i[email protected]

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