Do you have a full caseload of accent and pronunciation training students?

Jul 20, 2022

If you aren’t enjoying a full caseload of students, you may want to take a closer look at how you are (or aren’t!) making it easy for students to choose YOU as their go-to speech expert. 

There are so many people searching for qualified professionals to help them improve their speech and communication skills. 

English is a global language and it’s the most studied language in the world.  Approximately 1.5 billion people speak English as a second language, and while not every ESL speaker wants to work on pronunciation, many do, and they choose to do it for various reasons. 

It’s part of our job as speech pros, to let potential students know exactly how we can help them and exactly how our programs can improve their lives. 

If we don’t explain this in a very detailed and specific way, it’s difficult for students to trust that we are the perfect speech expert for their needs!

Let me show you how one of our newest Accent Channel Method certified teachers is getting specific and attracting the right students.

Kimberly Pajor-Perrin is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in accent modification and corporate speech training. 

With over 29 years of experience, Kimberly works with professionals in areas such as fashion design, law, technology, and computer software who have been approached by management to improve communication skills and speak more clearly. 

By focusing her marketing efforts on just a few specific professions (rather than on all ESL speakers in general), potential students can feel confident that Kimberly’s services are a good fit for them.  They are more likely to trust that Kimberly’s programs are personalized to their specific speaking goals, and this makes them more likely to enroll in her programs right away. 

It's a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract your perfect students!

Connect with Kimberly:

Accent training can be a full-time career or a side hustle while you continue with your day job.  And the work is so much fun!

So, are you ready to start working with your own full caseload of students? 

If you’re an SLP, ESL teacher, other speech pro, or just have always had an interest in languages, accents, and dialects, I promise that you are already much more prepared than you realize.

The Accent Channel has both free and paid resources to help you build an online teaching business.  We have the practical steps, support, and materials you'll need to start working with your own students ASAP, so if you have any questions, definitely let us know!

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