Effective Group Training with Different Language Backgrounds

May 06, 2024

In the world of speech training, one common concern among teachers is how to effectively work with students from different language backgrounds.

With the various linguistic nuances of different spoken languages, it can seem daunting to try to accommodate everyone's needs in a group setting.

But I promise that it can work!

The goal for any accent training group is ultimately the same: to help participants master a particular goal accent. As long as that goal accent is the same, it doesn’t matter if your students speak Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, or something else, the focus remains on achieving that common goal accent. While the sound substitutions of a student’s accent when speaking English may differ based on each language, the goal sound you're teaching will still be the same for everyone in the group. There are ample common goal sounds to structure a thorough and effective 12-week (or longer) program for your students.

However, it's crucial to address any doubts your students may have about this approach. You can reassure them by explaining the concept just as I've explained it here! For an even more detailed explanation, check out the video below.

And if any student in the class wants to delve deeper into the goal sounds that are specific to their spoken language, offering private sessions to address those needs in a personalized manner is always an option.

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