How To Set Up Online Lessons In Kajabi {For Speech and Language Pros}

Oct 13, 2021

Creating an online course takes a good amount of planning, time, and effort, but the one part of online course creation that is not difficult is the tech skill required to set it up.

I use Kajabi to create all of my online courses and many of you have wondered about the level of technology required to set up and offer an online course to your own students.  

For me, the most difficult part is the design aspect...colors, fonts, etc.  I do NOT have an eye for design.  But thankfully, speech improvement students don't really care much about aesthetics, and Kajabi's pre-designed templates help a lot.

So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how simple it really is.  Watch over my shoulder as I set up an online course from scratch using Kajabi.

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