Is Paid Advertising the Key to Growing Your Accent and Pronunciation Training Business?

Mar 18, 2024

Does it make sense for you to invest in paid ads to find new students for accent and pronunciation training? 

Well, the answer depends on where you are in your business.

Any type of paid advertising will amplify what’s already working in your business, so if you don’t have any type of lead capture system set up, spending money on ads won’t help.  The ads will amplify the lack of action.   

Basically, if you don’t have any students or any interested students, you’ll be wasting your money.  You want to make sure everything is in place to find students and convert them into paying customers before spending money on ads. 

What should you have in place?

  1. A clearly defined target audience.  These are the students you want to take to Target with you.  No, it's not, it's the type of student that you want to work with.  Defining your target audience allows you to create specialized training programs for these students and helps you know where to find them when marketing.
  2. A lead magnet.  This is a freebie or other valuable content that you give away for free in exchange for a potential student’s email address or other contact information.  A free assessment or consult call can be a lead magnet.
  3. An email service provider like ConverKit to build an email list of interested students so you can stay in contact, establish yourself as an expert, and build trust.

Investing in paid ads to find new students for accent and pronunciation training can be a powerful strategy, but only if you have the foundational elements in place to support it. Before allocating budget to advertising, be sure that you have a clearly defined target audience, a compelling lead magnet to attract potential students, and an email service provider to nurture and engage with your leads.

By having these essential components in place, you'll be better equipped to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and ultimately grow your business. Remember, success in paid advertising often hinges on the strength of your underlying systems and strategies, so take the time to lay a solid foundation before diving into ad spend.

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