Private Sessions

Set up a 25 or 50-minute private session with Jessica.  Live, online sessions allow you to connect with us from anywhere in the world.

Private sessions are an equal mix of learning and practice focused on your individual speech goals.  You'll learn correct pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation of English.  You'll also get quick tips to immediately improve your speech.  Then, you'll practice as your instructor coaches and corrects you in real conversations so you can apply what you have learned.

After the session, it is up to you to practice to make the new speech habits automatic and permanent, but we make it simple to practice the right way.  

To ensure effective practice on your own, the sessions also include:

  • A video recording of the session so you can review anytime
  • Practice/instructional videos, worksheets, and downloadable audio files specifically chosen for your speech goals. 
  • Downloadable recordings of your common words and phrases
  • Recordings of your scripts/sides to use as a module for auditions and performances




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