Social media or email?  Which is best for finding new students?

Jun 15, 2021

If you’re interested in the answer, watch this short clip from our February 2021 Live Group Coaching Session.


In the video, I’m helping accent and pronunciation coaches and instructors understand the difference between social media and email marketing so they can decide which is a better choice for promoting their services.

These monthly, live Zoom calls are part of the Accent Channel Method Teacher Training program.  We talk about teaching techniques (this month, I’m giving tips to make assessments easier, especially when you are nervous) but we also talk a lot about marketing so if you're worried about how you will find new students, you’ll get lots of ideas and proven strategies that you can implement immediately to grow your business.

Replays of the last 12 live sessions are always available, but there’s something really motivating about showing up live and getting answers to the questions that are going to help you most.

If you ask any of the past or current students in the program, they will tell you how much these sessions have helped them feel confident about finding and working with paying students. 

Check out the latest reviews of the program by clicking here.

You can earn 1.3 ASHA CEUs or 13 CE Hours in the program.  If you are an SLP, that’s a huge chunk of the hours required to maintain your CCC’s for the 3-year maintenance interval. 

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