Teach Pronunciation and Make Money Today!

Jun 18, 2020
If you are feeling ready to teach accents and pronunciation but are still working on finding students, check out these online tutoring platforms! 

These websites can help you find students and get the experience that you need to start your own accent and pronunciation training business.

The biggest advantage of signing up and teaching on these tutoring websites is that they will assist with the marketing and business related issues. They will help you find students, collect payment, and deal with any customer service issues that may come up. 

The downside is that most tutoring platforms will retain a portion of your session fee, but I think it is a fair trade-off, especially when you are just starting out.

Here are my top picks.


This is a great option for getting started. They have a strong customer support team to help you get set up and they offer assistance if you have a technical problem.  You can teach full-time or just supplement your current income with part-time work.

As far as negatives, Wyzant has been know to be overly strict with certain policies and some teachers have complained that their accounts were deleted unfairly, but if you follow their policies carefully, you should be fine.

You need to be based in in the US to use this platform so if you live somewhere else, you’ll need to find a different option.

First Tutors: 

If you live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa or the UK, (but not the US!) you may want to consider First Tutors.

Like Wyzant, you can teach face-to-face or online.  With First Tutors however, you will have a bit more flexibility and more responsibility with the business stuff.

Once they find a student for you, you deal with them yourself. However, they are very efficient in helping you find the right students, using a thorough process of background and security checks.


Now, this site is a little different.  Teachers offer specific solutions to students who are having problems in a specific area and then students buy that specific solution. 

I kind of love this idea because accent and pronunciation training is quite specific, so this could be a perfect place to offer our services.

You can sign up for free and StudentLance takes a small commission from the student if they decide to buy your solution. You then get paid via PayPal.

Feeling excited and energized to start teaching?  I hope so! 

These sites offer a great opportunity to get some experience as an accent and pronunciation instructor and to make some money while you are doing it.  

But ultimately you can earn more and have more flexibility if you set up your own accent training business.  By finding your own students, you won’t have to pay any monthly fees or commissions to a third party. 

It can take some work to get established but with the right marketing strategies, you can find students and establish a business teaching accents and pronunciation at home and online.

When you are ready to sharpen your teaching skills, find your own students, and start your own business we are here to help.

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