Teacher Spotlight: Laura Lachance, M.A., CCC-SLP

Mar 16, 2022

I never get tired of seeing the teachers in my program succeed. 

Whether they are starting an online accent training business as a full-time career or just as a side hustle while they continue with their day job, nothing is more rewarding than seeing them making money doing something that they love!

Laura Lachance M.A, CCC-SLPis an Accent and Speech Coach with a masters in Speech-Language Pathology. She uses her clinical skill set in combination with specialized accent training techniques to help adults communicate more effectively.

Laura works primarily with non-native and native English speakers in corporate settings to help working professionals achieve their individualized speaking goals. Her sessions focus on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, vocabulary, speech rate, and more.

She completed the program and became certified in The Accent Channel Method of Speech Improvement in 2021.

One of the many benefits of The Accent Channel Teacher Training program is that once you have successfully completed the program, we help you get the word out about your services. 

 You’ll have the opportunity to be listed in our teacher directory and you’ll have the chance to be featured in my Speech Class membership program.  We also promote Accent Channel certified teachers via email to my waitlist of students. 

Laura offers 1:1 50-minute sessions to work on speech clarity and overall communication skills.  The goal is always to help speakers communicate confidently and with ease.

Connect with Laura on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thetalkshop.co/  or https://www.thetalkshop.co/ 

If you’re inspired by Laura and are ready to start offering accent and pronunciation training services, check out our Getting Starting Guide to Teaching Accent and Pronunciation:  https://www.theaccentchannel.com/startingfromscratchchecklist

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