You did the assessment and they didn’t schedule. Now what?

It happens to all of us! And even though it’s not the best feeling in the world, it’s ok. You didn’t do anything wrong.

But let’s talk about how to turn it around and make it work to your advantage.

First, you need to realize that just because a potential student didn’t schedule a paid session doesn’t mean that they didn’t like what you had to say during the accent assessment or that they don’t ever want to work with you.

There are tons of reasons that students don’t schedule on the spot and most of them have nothing to do with you.

In fact, the most common reason for not scheduling right away that I see in my practice is that Accent Training is a big time commitment and many times, people just are not ready to commit to weekly sessions the first time they meet you.

So when someone doesn’t schedule during my Accent Assessment, I send an email a day or two later. In this email, I thank them for their time and remind them of the benefits of working with me. I get specific and give examples of the ways the lives of my other students have improved after completing one of my programs. I remind the potential student that I would love to see them get these kinds of results for themselves (and that I’ve got the plan to do it!)

Next, I ask if they have any questions, then invite them to join my email list and to follow me on Social Media (provide links in the email to make this as simple as possible for them to do.)

I let them know that I offer lots of free lessons and valuable information to my email subscribers, which I do in my weekly emails to my list. This is so I can stay in contact with those potential students who were interested, but just not ready.  

And more often than not, the students who don’t schedule at the assessment end up scheduling at a later time, or they join my online program.

I have also had a few students who never end up working with me, but refer other students to me. So I know they were interested, and liked what they heard, but for whatever reason didn’t schedule. So don’t worry about WHY people don’t schedule.

We never need to try to convince someone to work with us, but we do need remind potential students that we exist and that we can help. The students that need us and want our services will find us as long as we are consistently getting the word out about our services and how we can help them to improve their speech and improve their lives.

So, what’s your plan for following up and continuing the conversation with students who don’t schedule with you?

It’s such an important part of building a thriving accent training business and it is something that we talk about a lot in The Accent Channel Method Teacher Training Program.

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