What is The Accent Channel?

The Accent Channel is an online program for Accent Reduction and Pronunciation Improvement. Clear explanations and structured practice videos deliver permanent results, quickly.

Our Method

  • Designed by a Speech Pathologist
  • Proven results with thousands of speakers
  • Targeted training for fast, permanent improvement of any accent
  • Troubleshoot common pronunciation errors
  • Develop a natural American rhythm
  • Hundreds of quick tips to “sound American”
  • Option for direct personalized feedback
  • Email support for your questions

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    Basic Knowledge: What Is an Accent?


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    Pronouncing G: Instructional


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    R: Guided Practice


Using The Accent Channel

If you are a non-native speaker, speak English as a second language, or speak English with a regional dialect, you can learn the American accent with The Accent Channel. Our method guides you through comprehensive lessons designed to improve clarity and develop confidence when speaking. You will hear noticeable change after the first lesson.

My Mission

The Accent Channel follows the same effective method & principles that I use with my private clients. My goal with this online format is to make high quality Accent Reduction & Speech Improvement training accessible to anyone.


  • Antonina

    My confidence has skyrocketed, socially & professionally. I’m even getting compliments on work presentations. Changing my accent has improved my life. The Accent Channel made it happen.


  • rsz_1rsz_photo-2

    Working with The Accent Channel approach has made me believe we can improve and perfect our speech. Jessica has broken down the English language and its sounds to a cellular level. (more…)


  • Deb Kinghorn THS classroom 02022012

    The Accent Channel method is efficient and it works. You don’t have to practice for hours every day, 15 min a day was more than enough for me to learn the American accent in a couple of months.


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