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How To Teach The Rhythm Of American English

Oct 16, 2019

Did you know that rhythm is the #1 reason that non-native speakers are not easily understood when speaking English.

Most people think that the sounds and...

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How to Pronounce Numbers

Sep 19, 2019

Episode 9

Did you say 40? or 14?

Does this question sound familiar? Do your students have trouble being easily understood when pronouncing numbers?

I have an...

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How Did You Become An Accent Specialist? My Story

Sep 12, 2019

Episode 8

One of the questions that I am asked most often is:

How did you become an Accent Specialist?

Short Answer: I got lucky enough to find real students who let me...

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Who Should I Listen To If I Want An American Accent?

Aug 28, 2019

Episode 7

When teaching the American accent, I always have my students choose a speech model at some point during our first session. 


It gives us a clear goal to...

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Still Kicking /AE/

Aug 21, 2019

Episode 6

I’ll never forget the day that I really understood the power of the vowel /AE/ when learning or teaching the different accents and dialects of English.


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Standard American Accent: Always Changing

Aug 14, 2019

Episode 5

A few weeks ago, I posted a lesson about the Standard American Accent.  This accent is also called the General American Accent.

You can learn more about this...

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Accent Reduction Technique: Use Muscle Memory

Aug 07, 2019

Episode 4

If you have ever worked with me or watched any of my lessons, you will often hear me preach that frequent repetition practice is the ONLY way to truly master a...

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How Many Vowels In English?

Jul 31, 2019

Episode 3

There are 5 vowels in American English, right?

Not exactly.

Most people think there are 5 vowel sounds in American English because there are 5 vowel letters. But...

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Accent vs. Dialect: What is the Difference?

Jul 26, 2019

Episode 2

An accent refers to the distinctive pronunciation patterns and rhythms of a particular group of people, especially of the natives or residents of a region. A...

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The Best Accent In America

Jul 02, 2019

Episode 1

The Standard American Accent is the non-regional, neutral American Accent.

It is an accent, but it is not associated with any part of the United States. Most...

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